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    It had been months since Ruby had left the house on her quest, making the only inhabitants Yang and her father Taiyang.  The snow had melted making way for the grass to return to their vibrant green hue, and for the flowers to begin to bloom.  The sound of birds calling out to one another could be heard throughout the fields.  Even the smell of spring was becoming more prominent.  Anyone experiencing these wonders would be hard pressed to not feel a tremendous amount of joy overflowing them.  That is, of course, unless your name was Yang Xao Long.

    Yang sat solemnly in her bed staring down at her sheets.  Not much went through her mind except for the occasional random thought.  She was too depressed over the past events to enjoy the beauty around her; only becoming slightly irritated over herself every time she would go to itch an arm that no longer existed.  As much as she hated the sight of the stub that was once her right arm, what made it hurt more were the memories that arose every time she looked at it. 

    She remembered running after her friend that was being attacked by a member of the White Fang.  It was only an afterthought that she cursed herself for going in with a blind fury.  As much as she hated to admit it she was begrudgingly impressed over the speed that the swordsman possessed when he sliced off her limb.  She was also thankful that the loss of consciousness was as instantaneous as the cut, because knowing how much it hurt when she regained full consciousness, she could only imagine the amount of pain when it actually happened.  Though she was out for most of the incident and waking up in her bed at home, she did remember catching a glimpse of what hurt her the most…the sight of Blake abandoning her.

    Yang began to tear up just thinking about it, but wiped them away and stifled the rest.  “She doesn’t deserve my tears,” Yang growled under her breath.  “With how close we came throughout the school year, you would think she would at least stick around long enough to at least see if I was going to be alright, to give me comfort over my lost, maybe ever a thank you for trying to save her, or…UGH!”  She just noticed that she was once again scratching at nothing but air just below her bandages.  She snatched one of her pillows and began to smother her arm, “WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE ME JUST LIKE SHE DID!”

    Yang heard the door behind her swing open with enough force to hit the wall and bounce halfway back.  “Yang, is everything alright?  What’s wrong?”  Standing in the doorway was her father, gasping for air after bounding up the stairs to her room.  Yang looked at him with a look of pure rage accompanied by streams of tears rolling down her cheeks.  Taiyang walked over towards her and sat next to her on her bed.  Her pulled her into a hug and began to pat her head.  “It’s ok to cry.  I know you always try to put on a tough demeanor, but I think this time you can let it slide.”

    Yang placed her head into her father’s shoulder while giving him a weak punch to his arm.  They sat there in silence for a few minutes, every now and then the silence being broken by a quick sniffle from Yang, when a loud knock could be heard coming from the front door.

    “Now who could that be that’s trying to break up this moment,” exclaimed Taiyang.

    Yang broke away from the hug, “Maybe it’s Uncle Qrow and he lost his key again.”

    “I hope not, that would be the third one this year.  Maybe it’s time we took away his flask.”  Taiyang took a couple steps towards the door and glanced back at Yang, “You going to be ok for a little bit.”

    Yang wiped away the remaining streaks off her face, “Yes, I’m better now.”  They shared a smile between each other only to be interrupted by another knock on the door.

    “Alright alright, I’m coming,” yelled out.  He could still be heard as he walked down the steps, “I swear Qrow, if you lost another key, I’ll make the next one out of your finger.”

    Yang leaned back against her pillows looking up at the ceiling.  She was able to think more clearly and feel calmer after venting out what she had been holding in all this time.  She could hear the muffled voices of her father and the stranger.  She tried to make out what was being said, or even who it was, but the distance was too great for the sound to travel decently.  Her mind began to wonder and she started thinking about her sister.  She wondered where she was going and what she could possibly be getting into.  She thought about how much Ruby had grown and matured during their year at Beacon Academy, and how much she somewhat missed it when her sister was more child than huntress.  She then began to wonder what the others had been up to as of late.  She knew Juane, Nora, and Jun were off with Ruby, but what about Weiss, Sun, Neptune, and her other friends?

    She was snapped back to a focused mind when she could hear steps advancing up the stairwell.  She listened for anything familiar to the sound, but couldn’t think of anything.  They were too light to be her father’s or uncle’s, and if Ruby had returned she would have been tipped off by the sounds of joy and Ruby bounding up the stairs.  All she could tell was that whoever it was did not have a heavy step.  She could almost say it was feminine by how graceful and precise they were.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the birds had stopped chirping, she may not have heard it.  There was only one person she knew that could have those steps; the ice queen herself.  She saw the figure start to come into view and she sat straight up with a big smile and yelled out, “Wei-.”  The figure stopped in the doorway with a sheepish grin and waved.  Yang’s smile turned into a disgusting frown and stared daggers at the guest.  This caused the person to take a step back placing her hands behind her back.  Her smile began to drop almost simultaneously with the points of the bow on her head.  “Leave.”

    Blake advanced towards Yang, “Please Yang, I’ve just come to talk and let you know-.”

    “I said leave,” Yang interrupted, this time loud enough that she was sure even her dad heard.

    Blake started to comply with the order, but changed her mind and planted her feet where she stood, staring back with a frown of her own, “Fine, but not until I say what I’ve come here to say.”

    Yang rolled her eyes, “If it gets you out of here, but expect a one sided conversation,” she crossed her arms and turned away from her.

    Blake pulled a nearby chair closer to the bed and sat down and stared down at the floor.  She took a deep breath before proceeding.  “I just want to say that while I am sorry for everything, there just isn’t any way I can show how sorry I really am.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I wasn’t strong enough to beat Adam, I would have never put you in that situation.”  Blake looked up to see any reaction from Yang, but saw nothing but the stillness of the back of her head.  “I just wish there was a way I could turn back the clock and undue this, or if there was some magic of some sort to bring back your arm, or maybe even-.”  She was interrupted by a pillow slamming her in the face, nearly knocking her off her chair.  She pulled the pillow away and saw Yang sneering at her, teeth clenched tight enough to shatter them, and the soul piercing feeling of her eyes now glowing bright red.

    “You think I’m mad about my arm,” Yang bellowed.  “We are huntresses in training.  A loss of limbs is a hazard of the job that sometimes we have to face.  Even death is a possibility, and I’ve made my peace with that.  Am I depressed that I no longer have it?  Sure, but I can always get a replacement like Ironwood, even just learn to do without.  What I am mad about with you is far worse than having a little piece of me removed.”

    “I…I don’t understand.  What did I do that’s made you so angry with me?”

    “You abandoned us…you abandoned me.”  Yang sunk lower into the bed and turned back towards the window.

    “I would never abandon any of you,” Blake replied, her voice projecting the hurt she felt.

    Yang replied without turning to look.  “They all saw you run off after the academy was evacuated.  Even during the times I slipped in and out of consciousness, I watched as you looked in horror at me…at my arm; and once the ship landed, I saw you run off without even looking back.  I hoped it was because you were running to help others, but you never returned.”

    Blake stood up and walked over to Yang’s bed.  She sat beside her and placed a comforting hand on Yang’s arm.  Yang looked at Blake and saw her eyes begin to water.  “You have to believe me, I would never abandon anyone, especially you.”

    “Then why did you leave?”

    “I was torn apart to see you like you were.  I couldn’t get forgive myself over what had happened and needed to redeem myself.  That’s when I decided to try and pursue Adam and seek revenge.  I scoured all the old hideouts of the White Fang, shook down every shady joint; but nothing came up.  It’s like he disappeared off the face of the planet,” Blake slammed her fists onto the bed.  “I have been away this long time in hopes to find him to make him pay.”  Blake looked back at Yang with pleading eyes, “So from the bottom of my heart I am sorry you felt as if I left you alone.  Please forgive me.”  Blake began to cry uncontrollably, placing her crossed arms and head on Yang’s lap.  She only calmed when she felt the soft caress of a hand stroking the top of her head.  Blake looked up and saw a tearful, smiling face plaster on Yang.

    Yang grabbed one of Blake’s arms and yanked her closer to herself.  “I missed you so much Blake.”  Yang wrapped her other arm as much as she could around Blake so that she could free her other hand to start scratching Blake’s cat ears.  “Forget about Adam, the White Fang, and anything else that you’ve been troubling yourself over me for.  Just promise me you’ll never leave me again.”

    Blake smiled and laid her head down on Yang’s chest, enjoying the feeling of Yang’s fingers across her ears, “I promise.”
Return of the Bumble Bee
This is just something short and fun to try out.  I do feel like it needs more, but couldn't see what to put without ruining the mood.

All characters herein belong to RoosterTeeth.


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